World AIDS Day #WorldAIDSDay

– Provide updates on the latest research into new pediatric antiretroviral drugs, treatment, and cure strategies in children and adolescents;

– Provide an understanding of available prevention technologies and their application for prevention of HIV in adolescents in high- and low-resource settings; this information may translate into preventive interventions for high-risk adolescents in different settings;

– Share results from implementation science research on how to optimally implement proven interventions for prevention of mother-to-child HIV transmission and pediatric care and treatment in developing countries;

– Provide an understanding of the risks of HIV transmission to pregnant and lactating women and implications for the child;

– Evaluate optimal antiretroviral therapy in pregnancy and breastfeeding, the effect of such treatment on pregnancy and infant outcome, and potential long-term effects of HIV and antiretroviral exposure on the HIV-exposed but uninfected child as they age;

– Provide an understanding of the complications and comorbidities of long-term HIV infection and its therapy, in order to improve management of HIV in children;

– Enhance communication and collaboration between both junior- and senior-level, international researchers (from academia, government, and industry) and clinicians to promote the exchange of ideas, results, and technologies leading to successful translation into prevention and treatment of HIV; and

– Disseminate knowledge and data exchanged by workshop participants beyond the audience of the event through posting of all presentations on the workshop website, thus maximizing the impact of the workshop by reaching the whole HIV research community.


Dec 01 2021


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