As 2021 comes to a close, GAPP members are reflecting on the progress achieved by those on the frontline during another very trying year. Despite enormous adversity, HIV advocates and healthcare workers, in the U.S. and around the world, have continued to work tirelessly to reach patients, inform policy makers, and mobilize resources.

In a new video, we are highlighting their experiences and amplifying the messages they have for decision makers. In addition to introductory remarks from Representative Barbara Lee, Co-Chair and Co-Founder of the Congressional HIV Caucus, the video features:

  • Positive Impact Health Centers in Atlanta (at 3:50)
  • Reseau National d’Organisations Assisses Communautaire (RNOAC) in the Democratic Republic of Congo (at 8:10)
  • Treatment Action Group (at 11:59)
  • Partners in Health – Zamni Lasante in Haiti (at 13:59)
  • AIDS Alabama South (at 24:11)

We hope you will listen to their stories of success, the challenges they are facing, and where they most need support.